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Interior Cleaner MZR

Interior Cleaner MZR


Fast-acting, alkaline cleaner with a fresh scent. Effortlessly and quickly and effectively removes impurities of various origins on fabrics, leather, plastic surfaces. When using washing vacuum cleaners, it is recommended to use the KOCHENTSCHAUMER composition - this is an additive for eliminating foaming of water.


The composition contains additives that stabilize the effects of alkalis on the surface. These additives allow, after application to any surface, not to wash off with clean water, while, after wiping with a clean towel, the composition does not leave streaks. These additives prevent color fading and stretching of fabrics and leathers.


In operation, a ceiling covering is convenient to use mitt Microfaser-Reinigungshandschuh 999287. After processing surface ideally just reducing compositions for leather (82001 LUPI), tissue preservative (92001 POL STAR), for plastic (132,001 TOP STAR or 20001-SUPER-COCPIT PFLEGE.


PH -norms - 12.5


Included in the assortment of products supplied on a Mercedes.


Application method:
Dilute with water 1:10. The composition, depending on the type of treatment, is applied to the surface with a sponge or mitten. Rub the foam and wipe with a dry towel. Let the parts dry. Effective when using a washing vacuum cleaner or the Tornador Black apparatus. Economical application can be done using foam extractors (consumption up to 0.5 kg. Per machine).

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