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Cyclone Z-010

Cyclone Z-010


The perfect compressed air tool for cleaning difficult to access areas such as ventilation air vent ducts, seat rails, gear-lever cuffs, door rebates, etc., as well as for removing stubborn dirt from plastics and textiles (foot mats, convertible fabric tops, etc.). Also ideally suited for quick cleaning of polishing pads. The cyclone effect in combination with the cleaning solution removes dust particles with extremely great force from the surfaces that are to be cleaned.


The required effort is considerably reduced. If the chemical supply is switched off (just switch the lever over) the cyclone is also eminently suitable for the quick removal of dust and for drying cleaned surfaces.


Recommended products for cleaning: Mehrzweckreiniger (Mzr), Green Star (Gs). Application of engine conserver: Motorplast (Mp). Compressed air connection: 1/4


Pre-Ordering 1 - 2 Weeks ETA

Expecting Shipment
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