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400 lumen rechargeable LED torch flashlight with wrist strap and focus functionThe rechargeable TORCH LITE 400 is a high-quality LED flashlight torch for universal application at a very competitive price.


The LED flashlight is designed for any professional user who needs a rechargeable and strong flashlight for all types of work tasks.


The torch flashlight provides as much as 400 lumen and the light output reaches up to 120 m. By means of the focus function you can vary the beam angle from 10° to 60°, from concentrated and focused light beam angle to long-distance light.


The housing is very durable and the design provides an ergonomic and safe grip.


TORCH LITE 400 is also delivered with a practical wrist strap to keep the flashlight extra secure throughout the day.


TORCH LITE 400 is tested according to the ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard


// The design of the TORCH LITE 400 is unique and covered by an EU design patent.

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