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Reactivation Shampoo 1L

Reactivation Shampoo 1L


Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo is a strong foaming, acidic car shampoo to reactivate a ceramic coating!


This is one of the most advanced foaming car shampoos on the market.


How many car shampoos do you know that reactivate a glass coating after one wash?


Extremely hydrophobic properties

Reactivation Shampoo from Koch Chemie is excellent for removing hydrophilic contaminants such as dust, scale and salts. It is very important to rid car paint of such contaminants, this will revive the dirt and water-repellent properties of a glass coating.


Auto snow foam


When Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo is used with a high-quality microfiber glove, all dirt is safely removed and scratches are prevented. The professional car shampoo is excellent for use in a foam cannon or foam gun. The best snow foam only needs to be rinsed off to be "activated," this gives you even less chance of swirls that you get with a microfiber cloth.


How to wash your car with Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo?


You can wash your car yourself with Koch Chemie Rs. In a few simple steps you will have a true foam party.


Use the steps below.

  • Shake well before use.
  • The snow foam shampoo has a mixing ratio of 1:200.
  • Add Koch Chemie shampoo to a bucket of water, foam lance or pressure sprayer.
  • Wash the vehicle with a soft microfiber wash mitt.
  • Do not allow to dry.
  • Rinse well with water.


Features Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo

  • Rich foam
  • Activates ceramic coating
  • Fantastic shine
  • Up to several months protection
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Can be safely used on car paint, glass, plastic, rims, chrome and wheel wells
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