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Slim 100 lumen penlight with batteries and focus function

The slim and elegant PEN LITE A is a good quality penlight at a very competitive price.


Providing 100 lumen, the bright penlight is designed for the professional user who needs a reliable and durable pen light that is easy to carry troughout the workday.


By means of the focus function you can vary the beam angle from 10° to 60°, from concentrated and focused light beam angle to long-distance light. The light output reaches up to 60 m.

The compact design of PEN LITE A makes it applicable for inspection in the most inaccessible places where light is limited.

The penlight is waterproof, with an IP54 classification, and is supplied with a clip and designed to always have in the chest pocket, right at your fingertips. The housing is durable and designed to give an ergonomic and safe grip. 

The PEN LITE A is tested according to the ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard


// The design of the PEN LITE A is unique and covered by an EU design patent.

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