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Hand Wax W0.01

Hand Wax W0.01


Premium wax sealing for a hydrophobic, high-gloss paint surface. Hand Wax W0.01 contains premium carnauba wax which seals and ensures a long-lasting protection of treated surfaces. The sealing components create a smooth surface with advanced hydrophobicity.


The result is a considerably brighter, high-gloss finish. Only a small amount of Hand Wax W0.01 is needed in order for it to be highly effective, making it very economical.


Areas of use

Painted surfaces and external plastic components on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles etc.


Recommendations for use

Pre-clean / wash the vehicle thoroughly alkaline (e.g. with Green Star, no sealing shampoos) before polishing and sealing. Pre-treat coarse soiling such as tree resin, rust film, tar, etc. with cleaning clay, tar washing, etc

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