Prewash B

Prewash B


Highly concentrated, phosphate-free, highly alkaline agent for prewash of cars and trucks. A high proportion of complexing agents, surfactants and special additives instantly dissolves stubborn dirt, such as insect marks, bird droppings, pollution from aggressive environmental influences, dirt on rims, and therefore is mainly ideal for use in car washes with a short exposure time ( e.g. express car washes), as well as alkaline cleaning of washing rooms. In addition, it is optimally suited for use in biological treatment of industrial water. It settles quickly in accordance with the Austrian standard ÖNORM 5106. 


Areas of use

Cars, utility vehicles, construction vehicles, steel rims and aluminum rims painted with alkali-resistant paint, floors or walls of washrooms.


Recommended use, depending on contamination: 

Pre-wash: from 1:30 to 1: 100. 

Wheel wash: from 1: 4 to 1:20. 


Apply over the entire surface and max. after 1 min. rinse thoroughly with a high pressure washer. 

Cleaning of washing rooms: from 1: 2 to 1:15. 


According to the German Association of Automobile Manufacturers (VDA) regulations for class B chemicals: exposure time max. 1 min, max. working concentration 1: 100