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ClayBar Abrasive

ClayBar Abrasive


Removes even stubborn deposits such as tree resin and insects, rust bloom, industrial dust, spray mist, tar, limescale stains, etc. gently from smooth surfaces such as heavily weathered / dirty paintwork and glass. Optimal for intensive cleaning before the polishing process or before fitting new windscreen wipers. Not recommended for new paintwork because subsequent polishing is necessary.


Areas of use
For heavily weathered/dirty smooth surfaces such as paintwork, glass, etc.


Recommendations for use
1. Clean/wash surfaces thoroughly beforehand with necessary products
2. Shape the cleaning clay into a palm-sized piece
3. Spray Clay Spray onto the surface
4. Move the cleaning clay over the surface without pressure until it is smooth and clean
5. Knead the dirt on the cleaning clay to the inside until the surface is clean again
6. Cleaning clay can be used until it is almost saturated with dirt particles
7. To prevent drying out, moisten the cleaning clay after use and store in the box
8. Finish off treated paintwork with Power Cut or Feinschleifpaste and where necessary with
9. Seal with Lack-Polish grün, 1K-Nano or similar

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